Black marble: an elegant choice

Black marble is one of the most elegant types of marble on the market today. It is very suitable for those who want to create very luxurious and elegant environments. It is suitable, above all, for making bathrooms, wall tiles and interior floors.

How is it created?

A natural metamorphic process generates marble. It starts from sedimentary rocks. The difference in coloration that we can see when looking at different types of marble depends, therefore, on the presence of specific minerals that, mixing together, form the different shades and veins typical of this material. Marble, therefore, continues to be one of the most popular choices for those who want to enrich their home environment and is suitable for every type of style and design.

What are the most popular types of dark marble?

When you have to choose the type of dark marble for your home, you can opt for different types, each of which, then, suits specific uses. Lately, in fact, especially within modern homes, it has become increasingly fashionable to adopt an open-plan style that lends itself particularly well to the use of black marble. Especially living room, kitchen and bathroom are the areas of the house where marble can become the protagonist. Therefore, below, we will delve into the characteristics of the main types and their specific use.

Black Marquina marble

Spanish quarries are the cradle of black Marquina marble. This type of black stone rock is a natural stone that is crisscrossed with white or, at any rate, light gray streaks that have a non-regular shape. The diagonal pattern of these marks gives Marquina black marble a very original appearance and is suitable for modern designs. This type of marble can be used for different types of projects in whole rooms as well as outdoors. For example, designers make great use of it for floors, stairs, kitchen countertops, and door and window sills.

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